New Season Royal Gala Apples

There are just a few weeks every year when the royal gala season starts when it is worth buying apples.

Unfortunately it only takes three or four weeks before they start to turn floury and aren’t worth eating any more.

But . . . for those few weeks each year, when royal galas become available they are so much better than all the other apples you can buy in Naarm (Melbourne) that . . . well . . . they taste like apples are supposed to taste. They taste like apples (might have) tasted when I was very young.

I guess that all the other apples you can buy these days are bred to have a year-long shelf-life, taste and texture be damned.

New season royal gala apples or go to hell! (the only exception is if you know someone who has some kind of pippin tree in their back yard, and even then you’ll probably have to deal with codling moth).

     new season royal gala –
just for a moment
I’m young again 🌵