Lockdown’s End

Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown is staggering towards the finish line. The case numbers are as high as they have at any time during the pandemic, but the vaccination rate is rising steadily, and I think there is just a general realisation that many people have given as-much-as-they-had-to-give and have started . . . not-to-comply.

So back to work, in dribs and drabs, we go. Back to our commutes, our shopping centres and our offices. Our parking inspectors. Our microwave-reheated lunches. Our bosses and our subordinates.

We’ll have to leave behind our new cavoodles, our business-shirts-with-PJ-bottoms, and the rainbow lorikeets squawking, squawking in the plum tree out the back.

     Walking with my brother 
after lunch - a young dog
behind a window.

Note: I wrote this haiku with my youngest brother Eveready.

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